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Welcome to Pavior Publishing.  Here is our latest book for 2010-2011. Coming soon is my second book entitled "The Great Pyramid: A Temple of Created Life".
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More than just another book on the Great Pyramid!

It is now widely accepted that the builders of the Great Pyramid knew of a science that far exceeded our own. Whoever built the Great Pyramid knew, among many other things, the precise circumference of the planet, and its distance from the sun, the length of the year to several decimals, and how to utilize the value of pi in its construction. Coded within its geometry is the secret of universal measure. The question remains as to the purpose that it was built.

Through discovering the measurement used by its architects, this book
uncovers the geometric “code” to its hidden meaning, a key to opening the door to a new science that bridges the two worlds between the seen and the unseen, the manifest and the unmanifest.

Plato was reportedly an initiate in the Great Pyramid. Read here how obscure passages from his, Timaeus, never previously deciphered, describes a special triangle that is important to revealing the secrets of its sacred geometry.
Sacred geometry reveals the Divine plan by revealing the laws of the universe. This same order consists in the utter simplicity of basic forms, deemed “sacred”, which in their various combinations underlies the structure of all things from the composition of atoms to the formation of galaxies.

“I found your book a remarkable testament as to how the ancient Pyramid architects went about designing the inner and outer structural features of the Pyramid. Congratulations!” – William A. Tiller, PhD

This hardcover book of 125 pages contains over 60 color diagrams.  It is a beautiful tabletop masterpiece 11 inches by 13 inches.  It sells for $39.95 including shipping!

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